What is Structured Procrastination?

Procrastination has always been a subject of debate. Whether it’s in the workplace, home or school, some people believe such behavior is bad and others believe that it’s good as well.

While it can be very complex, procrastination has a way of taking up different forms— one of the most famous is structured procrastination.

So what exactly is it? Can it be the good kind of procrastination? Continue to read below and find out.

What is it?

Structured procrastination is a psychological behavior in which a person puts off an important task in favor of doing another task of lesser importance. It’s in a procrastinator’s personal belief which one goes on top of the list and which ones go further down.

For example, lets say your items are: study for an exam which is next week, go to the store, write an essay which is due tomorrow, and prepare your student planner for the upcoming week.

The most important task would be to write the essay, and a procrastinator may put off writing it until that night in order to play a video game or to hang out with friends. A structured procrastinator would instead substitute the video game with another item on their to-do list.

What makes it so complex?

Structured procrastination results in getting things done. While you are putting off the most important tasks, at least you are filling the time with productivity. However by procrastinating on the most important items, you give less time and attention to them and so their quality suffers. This leads to mediocre results on the big things and good results on the lesser things.

So is it good or bad?

Structured procrastination can either be good or bad. Great minds that we know are procrastinators in other areas but have managed to contribute such big discoveries. Some simply do less important tasks first rather than fulfilling those that are really more significant.

Whatever a person’s belief is towards structured procrastination, one must always consider the level of significance.

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