What is Productivity? (A 6 Part Series)

One of the basic desires of any human being is to accomplish something. Whether it’s a life goal or even a simple chore, we yearn to fulfill it— even if it’s sometimes difficult.

What makes us reach these goals and dreams is productivity. It can be defined in a variety of perspectives but its essence is all the same: It’s the measure of how much and how well a task was accomplished.

If you want to learn more about productivity, continue reading below. You’ll be welcomed with basic definitions and what other topics will be covered surrounding productivity.

Productivity in the workplace

Working is one of the areas wherein productivity can be measured. A basic equation is the more productive you are, the higher your rewards will be. It can be a salary raise or even a promotion. Of course, if you’re not productive, you can expect to be sacked immediately.

What helps in being productive in the workplace is one, your personal motivation and two, a little help from your co-workers.

Productivity in school

The mechanics are different but the principles of productivity in school are the same. If you’re able to fulfill schoolwork with utmost quality and as fast as you can, that’s productivity at its finest.

What else should you expect?

Now that we’ve got you covered on the basics of productivity. It’s time you learn more about the other components surrounding it.

The following series will cover the importance of:

  1. The importance of goals
  2. The importance of planning
  3. Keeping track of time
  4. Hacks to save time
  5. Developing good work ethics and study habits
  6. Preventing burnout

So if you want to become a better student or employee, read the rest of the series. We’ll ease you in on the best ways you can become the most productive person you can be.

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