What is academic dishonesty and what are the penalties for engaging in it?

Dishonesty in the academe was never taken lightly. During the olden days of the Chinese civil service exams, getting caught cheating could result in the death penalty for the examinee and the examiner.

Nowadays, it remains unforgivable on all levels of education. Many have been sanctioned because of it, leaving students ripped off their academic status and all their achievements.

What is academic dishonesty?

Academic dishonesty refers to any academic misconduct occurring in a formal education environment. This can include one or all of the following:

  • Cheating – Copying answers during an exam, either from a classmate or other sources (hidden papers, gadget notes, etc.)
  • Plagiarism The act of assuming another’s work as his/her own and presenting it to class.
  • Fabrication – Falsifying data in an academic setting
  • Deception – Leading on academic authorities with false information, such as making up excuses to skip classes.
  • Sabotage – The act of hindering other students to finish their work. It could be hiding their works, ripping out pages of their books or exams, etc.

What are the punishments for it?

The levels of punishment depend on the gravity of the academic dishonesty committed. While others can easily pass on an “F”, an “FF” stands for such devious act and can be implemented in the following ways:

  • For the first FF bestowed upon a student, the Dean will be giving him/her a letter of warning and will no longer be eligible for any honors come graduation.
  • For the second FF, the student can get suspended for an entire semester and will be asked of a letter of remorse.
  • The third FF stands for dismissal from the university permanently.
  • Other penalties can include instant dismissal, depending on the grievance as well as how the student acted on it.
  • Others can also be given a hearing if in case the health and general safety of the students are in any way affected by an academic dishonesty.

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