What Causes Procrastination?

At least once in our lives, we’ve postponed doing something. Whether it’s doing your homework or completing that annual report asked of you, you manage to push your deadline and your luck as well.

It’s what we call procrastination. It’s a behavior that can come in all degrees and levels, from petty problems to even graver, more stressful ones.

So what exactly causes procrastination? Learn more about it below because this could be your saving grace from even bigger problems ahead.

1. Distraction

We’ve just welcomed 2013. We’re all looking forward to fulfilling our New Year’s resolutions. Well, the hard truth is majority of these resolutions are never fulfilled.

Procrastination stems from us being easily distracted by things that surround us. If your resolution is to do your homework on time but you’ve just learnt about a new video game, then don’t be surprised if you get an F.

2. “I’m too busy”

This is a classic excuse made by procrastinators. It’s one cause that leads people to think that they simply don’t have the time to do one thing well, on time.

It mainly connects to lack of time management. Experts say that procrastinators have such high beliefs of fulfilling a task when it’s first presented to them. When they realize that the deadline is coming up, they rush and give in to pressure. This connotes such poor handling of time.

3. Lack of knowledge and confidence

Yet another cause of procrastination is the lack of knowledge and confidence. Those who have this bad habit of postponing don’t know much about the task they need to do. Therefore, it leads them to believe that they can’t do it at all.

It’s typical for us to do the easy things first. Once all those are gone and we’re left with the difficult ones, the only thing we can do is finish it, most of the time with such poor quality.

Keep these causes in mind. It may help you or a procrastinator you know unlearn such bad habits and become a better person.



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