Using a KWL Chart to Master Any Subject

Studying can be a lot of pain, especially if you don’t have tools to help you out. There are many studying tools that can help any student out, one of which is the KWL chart. If you’re not familiar with it, here’s what it is and how it can help you pass that next exam.

What is a KWL chart?

KWL is an acronym for K- know, W-want and L for learn. What you do is for to make a chart that has the K in the first right column, W in the middle and L on the last and left side.

Now let’s take “Matter” as a point of study. Here’s what you put in each column:

  • K (Know)- Matter is everywhere.
  • W (Want)- What are the states of matter?
  • L (Learn)- The states of matter are Solid, Liquid & Gas.

As you can see above, K stands for what you already know about the subject. W is for what else you want to know about it. It then leads to L which gives the answer to the W question and more.

KWL chart is most often used by teachers who guide their students when reading textbooks


Above is an example KWL chart. We’ve provided a downloadable KWL template so you can start using it right away!

How can the KWL chart help you?

Now that you know what KWL chart is for and where it’s best applied. It’s time you learn why you actually need to use this.

1. It gets your thoughts organized.

Reading can amount to a lot of information. With KWL charts, you are able to regulate information overload and gets your thoughts organized. This makes studying a lot easier and faster.

2. It helps you remember ideas.

Since you have an actual visual chart in front you, it will help you remember lessons more. From here, it will be so much easier to take tests and answer written/oral exams.

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