Strategies for success on multiple choice questions

If there’s one popular type of test, it’s multiple choice. Whether it’s for a university application or a periodic exam, a multiple choice test is always the top option.

While many students think that’s it’s easy to have this type of test, they may want to reconsider. It can get quite tricky and many students actually fail their exams because of it.

So just what are the best practices in taking multiple choice tests? Take note of them below.

1. Cross out those you know are incorrect.

Once you’re done reading the question, it’s time you filter. Cross out those choices you know are incorrect.  This will help you concentrate more on fewer choices you’re left with. Also, it will lessen the distraction from the other options you see in front of you.

2. Understand the question carefully.

Many of the questions you get wrong will be because you answered too quickly without fully comprehending the question and answers. Read the questions carefully. Sometimes questions are woreded to trick the mind so what you can do is to underline the significant words in the question and answers.

Once you’re left with what you really need to answer, it’d be easier to answer the question.

3. Check out the other questions for answers.

Probably a bonus thing about this test is that you can spot other answers in other questions. If you’re currently stuck with one problem, skip it and move to the next ones. Who knows? You might get lucky and find the answer you need in the next few items.

4. Read the answers one by one.

You need to remember to read each answer one by one. It pays to pay attention and be very careful when answering this type of test so don’t be too hasty.

5. Follow your instinct and knowledge.

The truth is your first answer is most likely the right answer. So don’t easily change from one answer to another, unless you’re really sure that the correction is necessary.

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