Preventing burnout (Productivity Series #6)

This post is part of our 6 part Productivity Series.

Nothing can throw a wrench in an otherwise productive semester quicker than a burnout. When not dealt with properly and effectively, a burnout can be the cause of other problems as well.

In any life situation, every person tries his/her hardest to never encounter a burnout. Considering the emotional, mental and physical pain it can bring, it’s only right to learn how to prevent it from happening.

Here are the ways you can be as far away from burnouts as possible.

1. Don’t jump out of bed.

There are a lot of people who, upon waking up, jump out of bed instantly. They don’t know that that first ritual will affect the way the rest of their day will go.

Don’t do this. Instead, take at the very least 5 minutes to relax and be gentle. Meditate, lie down and tell yourself that it’s going to be a good day. You can even write on your journal or just smell the breeze outside.

2. Put down your gadgets once in a while.

While technology has helped a lot of people since the dawn of gadgets, it can backfire and become a source of stress.

Once in a while, give yourself a break and put down that smart phone or tablet. Have a real conversation with your fellow human beings. It can even be just as simple as staying away from it for a few minutes and think of other things you may not be doing because of your technology addiction.

3. Develop a hobby.

If there’s one thing that’s great to bust out stress, it’s a favorite hobby. Find yourself one and dedicate even just a short time everyday doing it. This is your quiet time for yourself. You can’t always go to bed stressed and troubled.

Hobbies are a great outlet for anyone. They allow your brain to relax and think more steadily.

Remember, don’t be too rough on yourself. If you don’t want burnouts, keep these tips in mind and be stress-free as much as possible.

This is the final article of our 6 part series on Productivity

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