Keeping Track of Time (Productivity Series #3)

This post is part of our 6 part Productivity Series.

Time is the biggest investment out there. It’s finite nature places extra importance on how you spend it and how much of it are actually well spent.

Ironically, it’s also one treasure that’s easily wasted. A lot of people tend to fail in managing and keeping track of time. This in turn affects everything else in their lives.

If you feel like you’re one who lets time slip them by, here are the best ways to keep track of it successfully.

1. Have a routine.

Yes, we can all agree that routines are boring but it’s one underrated way to keep track of time. It’s a very useful trick to knowing how much time you spend on something and how much else you can spare.

If you have a daily routine, it’s a lot easier to get organized and become productive. So get that negativity and laziness out of you and have something to do everyday.

2. Keep a schedule.

Once you’ve slowly realized your daily routine, it’s time for you to keep a schedule. This allows you as well as the people around you know where you’ll be and for how long. Schedules can be a tough one to keep but once you get the hang of it, it’s going to be easier to have spare time for other things.

This is essential to corporate people, most importantly. You may end up disappointing a lot of people if you don’t have a guide of time with you.

3. Use more modern tools.

A planner notebook is one classic but still functional tool to keep track of time. However, it shouldn’t be the only way for you to do so. If you have a smart phone, android or tablets, why not install apps there to help you out? You always have these gadgets with you. Instead of just using them for leisure, why not make them help you with actual living?

Consider these steps to managing your time better. If you want to become successful , then this is critical and necessary.

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