How to Limit Your Internet Activity to Get Things Done

So you have that report due tomorrow. You go online and tell yourself to focus and start researching. Then you see that Facebook tab. As if with phantom hands controlling you, you end up clicking it. The next thing you know, you’re down to two hours of completing your report.

You’re not alone. Internet addiction disorder has affected millions of people worldwide. It’s such dependency on the Internet every day, that can spiral out of control overtime.

If you think you’re showing early signs of it, don’t fret. Here are some of the best ways to limit your internet activity and focus once again on tasks at hand.

1. Install site blocking programs.

There are different programs that are able to help you block those sites that distract you. Here are some of them.

Internet Explorer: Content Advisor

Content Advisor is a program that allows you to set the different sites you don’t want to be freely use when you’re online. It doesn’t entirely block it. It only asks for a password to increase restriction.

Firefox: Block Site

Block Site literally blocks all the websites you ask it to when you’re doing work online. This is a Firefox-only plugin.

Google Chrome: SiteBlock

Rhis Chrome add-on lets you put in the sites you want blocked in the list. Link to SiteBlock.

2. Install RescueTime

For a more comprehensive tool that will block sites, analyze your time expenditures for everything on your computer, and notify you when you are getting off track then you should try RescueTime.

After initial set up, RescueTime will track the time you spend on your computer automatically and then generate a report letting you know what you are spending all of your time on. It also has built in automated project tracking, which is perfect if you are working with a group or trying to put your planning into action.

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