How to Keep Good Work Ethics & Study Habits (Productivity Series #5)

This post is part of our 6 part Productivity Series.

Working and studying are essentially the same. They may connote different mechanics and processes but both require a person to always be productive.

For any successful student or employee, it’s important to know good work ethics and study habits. It’s not easy since there seems to be distractions and temptations everywhere— but it’s not impossible.

Here are the best ways you can be successful in both studying and working.

1. Do it now.

We’ve all been there. We love to procrastinate most especially when we are faced with deadlines. Whether you’re a student or an employee, we always have the urge to do it later because we think we’ll always have time.

The best and only way to do things effectively is to do it now. No one else will do it for you. If something’s required of you, accomplish it as early as possible. You’ll be surprised as to how fulfilled you’ll feel and how much spare time you may have.

2. Try to purely focus on a task.

Work ethics and study habits are quite the same. You need to achieve a goal and be able to successfully do it.

Here’s a little exercise for you: Try to do a task and focus only on it for about 60-90 minutes. If you’re typing a school paper, don’t even click on that Facebook tab. Don’t text or call anyone. Focus and focus hard on the task at hand. If you’re able to pull this off, then you’ve taken a big step ahead.

3. Remind yourself of the possible rewards.

Maybe your parents offered to buy you a new laptop for high grades. Maybe you are looking forward to being the one chosen for a competitive job with the best company once you graduate.

All these rewards are a great way to get motivated. When the going gets tough, remind yourself of what you will get out of it.

Good ethics and habits help you become a better person. So consider these tips if you want to grow as someone you’ll be proud of.

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