How Do You Deal with Procrastination?

If there’s one psychological behavior common among students and employees, it’s procrastination. In fact, 15-20% of the entire population is procrastinators. This can be such a costly behavior, especially if we’re talking about filing taxes and paying bills.

If you know someone who loves to procrastinate (or if you are one), here are some of the best ways to cope and deal with it.

1. Accept that you are delaying a task.

The first thing you need to do to cure the procrastination is to be aware that the problem exists. Accept that you are delaying something you need to do. Realize that you are jeopardizing certain things that can later on be of great impact to you and other people.

2. Have a relaxed frame of mind.

Even if you know that there could be a lot of work to accomplish a task, make yourself believe that it’s easy. After all, it’s always about mind over matter. If you end up already telling yourself that there’s so much work to do, chances are you really won’t be able to accomplish anything.

On the other hand if you believe you can do it, you will finish it on time and with flying colors.

3. Set a plan and schedule.

No matter how long or short a task is, you need to map out. If it’s a research paper due by the end of the term, ensure you set a schedule. Try to do small tasks and ease things in. You don’t need to push yourself too hard.

4. Help yourself.

If you think your house is not a good environment for you to work in, then choose a place where you are most focused. You can even have a friend whom you consider a role model to help you out.

Before anyone can help you, you need to help yourself first. Give yourself a shot at producing quality results on time.

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