Exercise regularly, learn more, and get higher grades

School can be exhausting. With the amount of pressure, expectations and social activities students are in for everyday, it’s important to know how to get the best grades possible.

To many people’s surprise, exercise can boost your grades. Studies conducted by Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan say that students who are physically active get higher GPA’s.

So how exactly can you utilize exercise for better study habits? Read more below.

1. Multi task

The biggest excuse here is students may not have the time to exercise. While that’s a convenient way to forego such an effective strategy, there’s a little thing called multi tasking.

There are so many mobile apps nowadays that allow you to listen to audio books and other studying tools. With such convenience, you can ride the treadmill or even run while you’re listening to your lessons.

You can even do basic aerobics while studying. So before you say you don’t have the time to exercise, understand that you can always find ways to get things done.

2. Schedule

If you want to make time for more rigorous and regular physical activities such as biking, going to the gym and doing yoga, then schedule it.

It’s always a matter of time management. Even if you have tons to study for, what’s half an hour to get your blood pumping and you sweating out all the waste in your body, right?

3. A healthy body = a healthy mind

The beauty of exercise is it not only conditions your body. You also get to condition your mind. If you’re healthier, the rest of your mental function will follow. So if you want to successfully absorb what you’re reading, then get active.

So instead of binging on fast food and spending too much time on the TV, get up and take a few minutes to stretch. You’ll be surprised with the amount of benefits you can experience.

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