Can Music Be Bad For Your Studying Habits?

Music is an integral part of living. Many have found it one of the most influential means to become successful at any given field— even studying.

While many researches have deemed classical music as an aid to studying better, recent studies set limitations to such results.

So if you think it’s always good to listen to music while you study, think again. Here are some facts you may need to consider.

Music can hurt your memorization.

Sure it’s inarguable that music helps you study for a test. It’s an entirely different story though, if you are memorizing. From elements of the periodic table, historic dates and other facts, you can’t entirely rely on music to help you out.

How can it impair your brain?

The recent study conducted in the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff, United Kingdom has shown that listening to music impairs memorization. The changing words and tones hurt your cognitive ability to memorize the data you need.

The results showed that students memorize better in silence and if they listen to a repeated number 3, which is one of the experiment’s variables.

There are limits.

Whether it’s your choice of classical, house or even rock music, there are limitations. In the same study mentioned above, researchers found that majority of the students deem music as a distraction, not as an aid.

More studies should be done.

It’s been said that the music of Mozart can arouse the mood and spark the mind of those who are studying. However, studies showed that there are no other results that support this claim.

On the other hand, the recent study conducted also needs a bigger scope, as it is an initial experiment among 25 people.

Whether or not music can end up giving you an F, there’s still a ton of research that needs to be conducted. For now, learn when it’s best to have your headphones on or performing in complete silence.

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