5 Tips to Improve Your Studying Environment

Effective studying has a lot do with the environment. Whether it’s your personal den or your bedroom that doubles as your study, it’s critical to have a space that stimulates the mind to function well.

Many students feel like they can’t study at home because it’s not the best place to be. Well, you’d be surprised of the ways you can actually improve your space in order to study effectively.

1. Cleanliness

First, it is very important that your space is clean. When we say clean, we mean your desk shouldn’t be cluttered with too many stuff.

Old newspapers, notes, test papers and other things you don’t need at the time needs to be removed. So ensure that you take some time in cleaning your study. Wipe off the dust and sweep the floor to keep you from feeling stuffy.

Remember, anything that can clutter your space can clutter your mind.

2. Organization

Get yourself and your things organized. Write down a list of all the things you need to study for and place them where you can’t see it. Try not to have too many decors around you or too many notes stuck on your corkboard. These can only mean distraction.

Have enough storage for everything. This allows you to have a system, especially when you need to get back to certain notes or old test papers that can help you out for the next one.

3. Lighting

We can all agree that it’s a pain to study in a poorly lit space. Open your curtains and let some natural light in. If you study during the night, try to assess where else you can place your lamp in order to have better lighting.

If you’re able to see clearly, it becomes a lot easier (and motivating) to study.

4. Temperature and Ventilation

Make sure that wherever you study, you should have good temperature and ventilation. The last thing you want is being unable to concentrate because it’s too hot or too cold. You also don’t want the feeling of stuffiness while you study.

5. Noise regulation

It is essential for your environment to be noise-free. Whether it’s you studying in the library or in a quiet corner of the house, it will be more beneficial for you if you aren’t distracted by the natural/artificial noise around you.

If it helps for you to drown it with white noise, then do so. Just make sure you’re far away from your siblings watching TV or the bickering adults.

When studying, it’s not always about finding a better place. You can brighten up your old room or study in order to prepare for that next test well enough.

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